#hashtag #facebook

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use hashtags in their Facebook statuses. I’m always like, this isn’t TWITTER – it means nothing! Literally, hashtagging your text on facebook is just a matter of putting a pound sign and groupingyourletterstogether. There is no function to it, #amiright?


Well, until now.

Today, Mashable reported that hashtags are coming to Facebook over the next few weeks. Similar to Twitter, Instagram and other social sites, users will be able to easily search for content via the familiar #keywords.

…It’s about time! C’mon Facebook, it’s 2013! It’s actually very surprising how long it’s taken the social media giant to adopt this. Even people who don’t use Twitter or Instagram use hashtags (as I’ve complained) and implemented usage, what, years ago?  And the hashtag “as we know it has existed since 2007”.

Quite the time gap, Facebook. Quite the time gap. Now everyone and their grandma will be thinking in hashtags. (You do it, don’t deny it.)

Image#nofilter. #facebook. #hashtag. #boss.


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