New Internet Explorer ad is Nailing it

If there’s one thing I love it is the 90s. So many memories and fun times were had and Microsoft did a fantastic job telling it like it is. Boy do I miss those days. The commercial is a true reminder of how much the digital age has evolved and taken over every facet of our lives. The ad came out today and it already almost has 50 million views.


That’s a-whole-lotta nostalgia!



Personally, I’m a Chrome or Safari user, depending on the device I’m on. Anytime I open IE I panic and am completely turned off. I don’t know what it is, but—blech. HowEVER, to my surprise, Internet Explorer is once again Nailing It!


Desktop Browser Version Market Share, December 2013. “Other” consists of Safari and various versions of Firefox and Chrome



So what do you guys think? Do you use IE? If not what browser do you use and would you make the switch? I don’t know. I’m definitely a #childofthe90s but for me…



One thought on “New Internet Explorer ad is Nailing it

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