Apple iPhone 5 commercial shows how we share through pictures

Has anyone seen this Apple iPhone commercial, yet? It’s beautiful, captivating, and incredibly relatable. It really exhibits the capabilities of iPhone 5’s camera.

The ad brings to light how much we LOVE to share our lives through pictures – no matter what device we use.

Did you know that as of April 2013, 240 billion photos have been uploaded to Facebook?

That is an inSANE number!

I’ve mentioned in my About page that I love Instagram. Something about getting that perfect shot and adding the right filter can enhance a picture so much! & we get excited for our friends and other users to Like it. “Likes” have really become like social currency in today’s world of sharing. The Apple commercial demonstrates the exercise of capturing that perfect moment and the raw emotion of satisfaction it can bring.

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7 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5 commercial shows how we share through pictures

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  2. Amanda,
    This was a great post. It really blows my mind by the amount of information that is exchanged through the internet. Even more phenomenal are the numbers you posted for the amount of pictures that are being shared through Instagram, daily. Just 15 years ago, consumers were still using film to capture special moments. Could you imagine these numbers if we still had to have rolls of film developed? I don’t think film manufacturers or film developers could keep up. We’ve come along way in just 15 years. I can’t even fathom where those numbers will be in another 15 years.
    Thanks for sharing,

  3. I really liked the commercial, and it highlights the topic of images and their rising importance for marketers and consumers. I found this slide (26) from, reporting on a study that Adobe did with Edelman Berland in late 2012 ( In a survey of adult Internet users, 67 percent said “A video is worth a 1,000 words.” The question this poses for brands is how can they bring stories to life visually? With Pinterest, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube, and so many more visual channels available, I think we’ll continue to see visual storytelling increasing in prominence.

  4. Hi Amanda,

    The stats that you shared are incredible. I think I am definitely a contributor to this number. There is not a day that I don’t upload a photo to Facebook or Instagram. We have always heard that a picture is worth a thousand words and the growth you stated in social media, specifically Facebook is proof of that.

    Pictures and images make everything better, especially online. I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather see something visual than read a big block of text. I’m sure a lot of your customers and potential customers feel the same way, too.Luckily, featuring images on social media are becoming more common than ever. On Facebook, photos attract 53 percent more “likes” than text-only posts and links, according to one study. And the popularity of image-sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram proves that one picture really can be worth a thousand words.

    As a manager of social media for a brand, I don’t think I have posted a status update on Facebook without a photo in about a year. As soon as I incorporate photos to illustrate a post, engagement goes up. I think it’s become an expectation at this point.

    Popic, Janine. (2013, February 15). Photos Are Social Media Gold. Retrieved from

  5. Hi Amanda,

    Great post :). I love Instagram as well. One thing that was really turning me off to Facebook was the constant status updates about things I didn’t really care about. I found myself only looking at pictures and then after joining Instagram, I hardly ever get on Facebook anymore. I feel like nowadays its almost expected to constantly update friends about your life via social media. This past weekend my friend went up to New York with her mom. Every place she went, she took a photo and tagged where she was at. With Instagram I don’t have to ask where she want or what she did because I saw it all via social media. The only thing I said was I saw your photos it looked like you had a great time. She didn’t have to fill me in on what happened too much because after looking at the photos I have good idea of how it went and what she did. She could do the same thing looking at my Instagram and see that I went to a restaurant on U street for dinner and then hit bars in Adams Morgan after that. My point is that social media has connected us more but at the same time has disconnected real personal interactions. For example “catching up with an old friend” could mean just looking at their Facebook or Instagram page to see how their doing instead of calling them or meeting up with them. Do you think social media in this regard has its downsides as well?

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  6. Amanda,

    Viewing your post made me think of how many times per day I look at other people’s photos on Facebook or Instagram just to pass the time, or to see what new photos they have posted. I enjoy going on social media sites to view photos from friends and family, as well as from celebrities and news magazines. I see uploading photos to social media sites as a way to show followers where you’ve been and what you are doing. Instead of posting statuses on Facebook, users are now posting photos and videos to share their experiences with their friends, which further proves that “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are also ways to view the latest trends, news, and happenings in society through the photos that others are sharing.


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