Here goes nothin’: Final shooting script for Nick’s Oyster Bar

Digital Storytelling has been quite an enjoyable experience in the IMC graduate program. I gotta tell you, it was probably my favorite thus far. We’ve learned a lot about creating branded videos and learning ways to convey our ideas. The course has been extremely collaborative, which I loved and could not be more thankful for. For my classmates and professor reading this: Thank you! I loved that this class has opened my eyes and given me a new sense of story. Here’s my final shooting script. 


Shooting Script – Nick’s Oyster Bar

The creative approach is a mix between a “hard to categorize” testimonial and “we love what we do” idiom that spreads to customers. The staff members at the restaurant have dedicated many years to build and maintain this neighborhood establishment. They spread this high energy to patrons which creates a unique atmosphere that creates loyal customers of all walks of life. The video will feature head chef, David Thomas and loyal customers to convey their strong affinities to Nick’s.             

Nick’s Oyster Bar is a restaurant in the historic Cross Street Market. This public market is made up of different vendors who own a spot for their business. Nick’s Oyster Bar takes up the entire front portion of the market, making it the first thing one sees when they walk in. A raw bar, sushi bar and many beers on draft line the perimeter. There are kitchen set-ups on both sides, behind the bar.





Wideshot (WS): Exterior of Cross Street Market. People walking by. A daily special’s chalkboard with handwriting is on the sidewalk

SFX (to end): restaurant and kitchen sounds until end. Sports games are on television.

SFX (to end): a light acoustic guitar melody


Medium Shot (MS): Interior of Nick’s Restaurant, a good wave of customers are seated but it’s not too busy

David VO: “The staff here – We’re like a big family…


MS: Staff positively interacting behind raw bar

David VO: …and I think that energy definitely spreads to the customers”


MS: David working behind the bar in the “kitchen”



Close Up (CU): David’s hands as he cleans seafood



Close Shot (CS): David resting behind the bar. He’s holding a dishrag and looking at towards screen left, interview style

David: I’m chef David Thomas and I’m head chef here, I’ve been working here for about 23 years.


WS: Bar stools in front of shot, David can be seen cooking in the kitchen

David VO: Our customers come from all over.

They love the food, that’s not a question.


MS: restaurant seating, people enjoying their food



CU: raw bar, focusing on crab legs



CU: David resting behind the bar, looking at towards screen left. He starts smiling



MS: A twenty-something year old girl picking crabs. A canister of Old bay is on the table, friends sitting with her



CU: David interview looking screen left

 he looks behind himself

David: The atmosphere here though…

… The atmosphere in here you won’t find anywhere else.


WS: Nick’s interior, patrons dining. Baltimore memorabilia widespread.



CU: Same girl eating crabs with her friends. She’s wearing an Oriole’s hat and t-shirt. The table is full of food and beers

Girl: It doesn’t get any more Baltimore than Nick’s.


CU: Her hands preparing oysters to eat, sprinkling horseradish and Old Bay seasoning over them



CU: Girl


She smiles

Girl: Nick’s is unique because of the open-air experience you get from the market, and it’s the only dedicated raw bar in Fed. It’s the first place I ever tried oysters, and have loved them ever since! But I love that we can just come here and hang out…


MS: Their table laughing with oversized draft beer in hand



WS: Raw bar, employees preparing food and pouring draft beer for customers



CU: Twenty-something year old guy sitting at the same friend’s table

Guy: what I like most about the atmosphere is that it’s inviting to the entire scope of Baltimore.


WS: Nick’s interior

Guy VO: At any point you can see a range from families to blue collar workers to young professionals just looking to have a great time ya know.

Drink beers, eat food.


CU: Girl laughing and having a good time

Girl: It’s great for people watching too, and meeting new people


MS: Friend’s table

Guy: Plus It’s definitely the best indoor spot for watching the O’s or Ravens


MS: Patrons sitting at bar, bartenders interacting with crowds



WS: Nick’s interior focusing on patrons watching the sports game

Guy VO: it kind of still feels like you’re tailgating without having to be exposed to extreme weather


MS: different customer’s faces



CU: Raw bar, camera panning right across different selections



CU: A patron’s hand holding beer

David VO: People come to Nick’s for the energy.


CU: David interview looking screen left

David: David: I love working here because we have so many loyal customers around town. We’ll see a new face and a few days…or a few weeks later we’ll see them again. It’s like we’re the center of the neighborhood. It’s a great feeling.


MS: Barrells and stools (table tops)



MS: Picnic tables lining the walls



WS: Nick’s interior. More people filing through the doors, people dining and drinking

David VO: We have all walks of life coming in


MS: David greeting customers at table and smiling, customers are holding beers

David VO: We drink together


CS: A different set of diners at table enjoying food.

The group of friends can be seen in the background enjoying their time



David VO: we eat together and everyone just gets along very well.


CU: David interview looking screen left

David: It’s truly something special.


WS: Nick’s interior

SFX: Guitar gets louder


(White text):

Nick’s Oyster Bar

A Baltimore Favorite

since 1972

share your stories: [social media logos]




SFX: Guitar fades out

SFX: Restaurant sounds fade out



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