2 brands 2 stories – concept paper ideation

In my current class for grad school, we are to find two brands that have a great story to tell. Then we must decide on one in order to write a script for a branded video. A branded video is more than just a 30 second commercial you see on TV. These features can be longer and are posted to the internet in order to create a stronger connection with its audience. Here is a great example that has inspired me for the following brands: Chipotle: How it all started. Not all branded videos are like this, however. Johnnie Walker’s The Man Who Walked around the World spot provides a more creative spin on its backstory. Fun fact: my professor informed us this 6+ minute video was done in 1 shot. Truly amazing work!


So here are the two brands I’ve chosen in the running for my branded video I will soon write the script for. Enjoy:



Nick’s Oyster Bar



Nick’s Oyster Bar needs a branding video that conveys the commitment to providing the best quality seafood every single day for the Baltimore neighborhood. The 3-5 minute feature will be broadcasted on YouTube and posted on Nick’s Facebook Page. This way fans can Like, Comment and Share the video.


Nick’s Oyster Bar is located in the historic Cross Street Market of Federal Hill, Baltimore MD. Cross Street is one of the last public markets that many shops and restaurants can be found. However, as soon as you walk into Cross Street you are greeted by smiling faces, barrels, stools & picnic tables for seating and are surrounded on two sides by a raw bar. It’s almost like an outdoors feel but inside the market. The aroma of all the fresh seafood you can dream of and of course, Old Bay seasoning, takes over. Nick’s Oyster Bar is known for great seafood at the best prices. They even have great sushi! Nick’s also serves 32 ounce cups of beer at the most affordable price, making this destination a go-to for residents and visitors alike. Going to Nick’s is more an experience than a meal. It is a large space giving the opportunity to have an intimate time with your friends and laid back enough to grab the person next to you and hug them because the O’s just scored a homerun.

“Nick’s Oyster Bar opened its doors in 1972. There is a strong history not only the store, but also for the employees as well. Nick opened the area’s first sushi bar with Chef Tony Prisma who is still one of our best chefs today. Chef Ronnie has been working at Nicks for over 40 years shucking oysters, showing speed as well as experience. In the past 38 years, Nick’s received many awards for having Baltimore’s Best Happy Hour and Best Raw Bar” (About us, n.d.). “Nicks has also been on food shows multiple times for our famous Maryland Crab Soup. Chef David Thomas has been a guest on Food Network’s The Bobby Flay Show for Nick’s Maryland Crab Cakes” (About us, n.d.).

Nick’s does have some negatives. Often times be packed or it get too rowdy. This doesn’t stop families with strollers trying to come in but it can get out of hand, especially if sports are on. Nick’s attracts all walks of life from all parts of Baltimore City. People sometimes worry about the crime that might exist. A Yelp reviewer said their cell phone was once stolen. Lastly, for anyone who doesn’t like the smell/odor of fresh seafood, Nick’s is the last place they’d want to be!


Nick’s audience are male and female adults, primarily ages 21-55, who love seafood and people who love the Baltimore, whether they are residents or new to town and want a taste of what it means to be a part of the community. The environment is extremely laid back and they want everyone to feel welcome, have a beer in their hand, full from eating and happy as a clam.

Content Points

  • Best raw seafood bar in Baltimore
  • Dedicated customer service, operating 40 years
  • Experienced, dedicated and famous chefs
  • Affordable prices
  • A local neighborhood staple where people feel welcome
  • A visitor’s ultimate Baltimore destination as it provides a unique atmosphere


Nick’s is the best raw bar in Baltimore


Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub




Buffalo Wing Factory needs a branded video that highlights the strong sense of neighborhood it provides to the community through great food. It will feature its vast wing, beer and food selection but the video will primarily focus on the atmosphere and dedication it has to giving back to its patrons. The video will be launched on YouTube then shared on the BWF webpage and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub is a multi-unit, locally-owned restaurant based in Northern Virginia. It is known for having 30 flavors of wings and 30 choices of beer on draft; however it has many different signature items other than wings. The restaurant aims to provide exceptional quality food and drink at a comfortable price.  As the employees and customers are locals, BWF focuses primarily on providing a neighborhood atmosphere where patrons feel like they are part of the family. The restaurant often sponsors local sports events and holds fundraisers at its different locations throughout the area.

There are a lot of chain wing-based places in the area, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Finnegans, Hooters, Wing Stop or Glory Days that provide a competitive market for BWF. There are even annual wing cook-offs in the area where the restaurants battle for a “King of the Wings” title. The restaurant needs to stand out as the neighborhood favorite for the environment it provides to the community.


The Buffalo Wing Factory has four locations located throughout suburban Northern Virginia, including Ashburn, Chantilly, Reston and Sterling. Families of different backgrounds and varying financial statuses reside. Since BWF provides food for the whole family at affordable prices, its audience is the residents of within the areas where the 4 locations are.

Content points

  • Locally owned & operated
  • Not just a wing place, BWF is a trusted supporter of the community by sponsoring events and fundraisers
  • Friendly service
  • Local hangout for all ages
  • Great quality food & beers
  • Affordable prices


Providing great wings, food and beer in the comfort of your own neighborhood


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