Nail it, guys!

I feel like men typically have a natural resistance to Pinterest– at least the ones that I deal with. Well fret no more, guys, because this happened:


Not sure if anyone has seen this before but I actually just learned about it via my newsfeed (of course). One of my guy friends embedded the link into a status saying,

“Ohh, I understand Pinterest now!”

Hilarious. Apparently the cursive font type of Pinterest and plethora of wedding gowns, women’s fashion and cutesy recipes were just too much. & I don’t blame you! I agree that Pinterest is a bit feminine and I think this serves as a fun & quirky platform for men to comfortably share their Manteresting things! I can’t get over the name either, classic.



It’s basically set up the same as Pinterest, categorically and such. But instead of pinning or liking, guys can “Nail it!” “Bump It!” or “Talk.” How cleverly simple.

Guys, you now have a social platform where you can easily share your manly culinary prowess, pictures of hot chicks, brotastic moments and of course cars and/or guns. I’ve never been so amused by male target marketing. Touche.


One thought on “Nail it, guys!

  1. Hi Amanda. I really loved the “Manly Things” button. So funny! A great insight on Pinterest executed nicely in a new platform. The rise of niche social networks I think will become a trend.
    This site reminded me Lady Gaga’s This is a new type of social corridor that filled a gap in the social spectrum by empowering Gaga’s fan base.

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